We have a well trained, skilled labor force of approximately 70 people. Moline Forge has never had a labor union and has never had a work stoppage since starting business in 1915.
Our die sinking is done both in-house and with independent die sinking shops. Our die shop is well equipped with two hydrotels along with a variety of mills, lathes, and drills to give us a full range of capabilities.
In addition to cleaning equipment, we utilize snag and air grinders to knock off burrs and excess flash extension prior to cleaning.

Our press building contains a 500-ton hydraulic coining press, and straightening presses from 40 to 75 tons.

Heat treating is done by a local independent heat treat source when heat treatment is specified. Overnight service is normally available for quick delivery requirements. We subcontract out for some of our customers other processes such as production machining and plating.