Design & Development

Consider Moline Forge when looking for solutions to design and cost problems. Forging can provide a cost effective alternative to typical manufacturing operations with the reduction of machining, drilling, and other processes when producing high-performance parts.

For example, Moline Forge has designed a steel forging process for producing a cap for a hydraulic cylinder used on agricultural equipment. Originally fabricated from bar stock, the caps design was difficult and expensive to manufacture, requiring tight specifications for flatness, drilling, and perpendicularity. Additionally, the conventional process for manufacturing this part consisted of six labor-intensive operations; saw-cutting, de-burring, two flame cuts, grinding, and drilling.

By working closely with the customer, Moline Forge has designed a new method for manufacturing this part as a forging. As a direct result, we saved the customer 42% in production costs. Additional benefits of forging include reduction of scrap, fewer in-house operations, reduction of labor, and shorter lead times. The customer also achieved a quality level of 99.85% acceptable parts and only .15% rejection.

Moline Forge's cylinder cap design has now replaced nearly all bar- stock versions and we continue to offer our customers reduced costs in the production of trunnions, rod-ends, brackets, and other manufactured parts.